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A Magpie Flies with a Broken Wing

A magpie flies with a broken wing

A magpie flies with a broken wing,

So prepared for the New Year spring,

But blizzards blow and the bird can’t fly,

She closes her eyes and starts to cry,

Caw, caw the sound throbs through,

Her partner calls and her fledglings too,

But still the snowflakes have not slowed,

The magpie stalled with her precious load,

Feathers ruffle and the bird takes flight,

The only black in a white-filled night,

Close she is to her goal when pain,

What love must the magpie’s heart contain?

For the magpie knows of her partners cloy,

But it’s one for sorrow and two for joy.

This poem was inspired by Robert Frost’s poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”. Hopefully this poem is similar- simplicity on the surface but with a far deeper meaning underneath.

This is another handy way to beat writer’s block, be inspired by someone else.

If you want a hint-look at the last line in partcular. Enjoy.

Tell Me

Tell Me

See the robin with his bright red breast,

Hear his heart beat in his chest,

Now feel your heart beat in your own,

Both are made of flesh and bone,

Tell me why you think you’re more,

Than the bird who sits by the door,

Tell me why you’ve got the right,

To remove this bird from open sight,

His blood runs hot and he breathes in air,

He lives his life and he earns his fare,

The robin stares and asks, eyes wide,

What does your heart think, deep inside?

Tell Me is another poem written to make an impact on the reader. This is, hopefully, achieved by choosing to write about a controversial subject and using comparisons that a closer to home than most people wish to think about. It’s also quite thought-provoking as the last couplet is a rhetorical question which obviously has the same effect as a cliffhanger right at the end of a story.

The imagery has been specifically chosen to be a little gory and quite “in-your-face” in order to make an impact on the reader. It’s also quite simplified in order to help the reader understand that this really is a simple problem with an obvious solution.

However, this is counteracted a little and softened by the use of rhyme, a fun concept that softens anything that’s said because it gives the impression of the poem being written perhaps by a child or someone similar which means people are less likely to object to the message but the rhyming also emphasises what’s said so it has two very useful effects.

It’s also another good way to avoid writer’s block-choose a controversial subject that you have an opinion on and write about it. Easy.

Anyway, I hope you liked it.


Another one here with two separate characters. both with different attitudes to the subject and both with very different, hopefully believable and understandable personalities. The poem is based on one man and one woman with the woman a little scared to commit. The structure’s a little different as the poem starts with the woman speaking then switches to the man for a verse and repeats with a joined couplet at the end (my favourite bit).

This is another way to sneak past writer’s block, this was inspired partly by one of my favourite books.

This is another poem which has a story behind it again. Obviously the man is asking the woman to commit and therefore they must have been seeing each other for a while but the woman’s reaction to this, in particular, suggests a depth to the character. Her hesitancy to commit suggests that something happened in the past to her that means that she now fears to be trapped in such a committment but the fact that she tries to explain to her potential partner suggests that she trusts him inexplicably and the fact that she finally agrees shows just how much she loves him.

One last thing I’ll warn you of is that for some unknown reason this blog won’t let me have more that one gap between lines so the verses aren’t shown very well here. Basically, each verse is 8 lines long which should give four verses and a couplet at the end. Sorry.


You glance at me and ask with your eyes,

Have I got an answer, because time flies,

You’ve asked me if I’ll hold your heart,

But now it’s time to say my part,

To say your valentine I will be,

What was an ask is now a plea,

But this just proves my point once more,

It’s having someone to hold you adore.

I’m asking for your love you know,

Not asking you to take a blow,

I love you; love, with all my heart,

My heart won’t beat, you hold a part,

I need you and I want you still,

Allow me my destiny to fulfil,

I know you’re scared but I am here,

Whenever you need me, I’ll be near.

You speak the truth, I do feel fear,

But it’s not of you, but for what I hear,

I hear your heart, which beats for me,

But what if I am not the key,

What if I am not what you think,

If I am not the missing link,

You’ll leave me with a broken heart,

Unable to heal as you hold a part.

I would never hurt you, no matter what,

My soul to you would never shut,

If you don’t feel my love, you’re wrong,

Because I know this feeling, and this is strong,

I could never break your heart, my love,

Such merciless pain, you’d be innocent of,

You are my destiny, my lovely dream,

The only one for me it would seem.

I asked on valentines will you be mine,

And now our destinies are intertwined.


Many was written during a trip to a local historical House. Just thinking about the people who lived there is always inspirational. A sure cure for writer’s block. It’s a very brief history of the House. For example there’s a mention of when it was visited by a Monarch; occupied by the Civil War soldiers; forbidden loves and so on. Try and work out the rest…


Many lives have touched these walls,

Many feet have walked these halls,

Many hands have trailed this floor,

Many fingers have closed this door,

Many lives have hidden behind,

Many eyes allowed to blind,

Many minds have battled for,

Many times for something more,

Many of the views have changed,

Many of the bricks arranged,

Many songs have reached the ceiling,

Many spoke the love they’re feeling,

Many banquets held in cheerful,

Many weapons held by fearful,

Many of the wives alone,

Many of the secrets known,

Many of the hearts were broken,

Many of true words spoken,

Many ones were regal past,

Many ones the future cast.

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