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In RE we were studying Judaism and the Holocaust. Through it we were told the story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. I liked the story as it showed the amount of courage these poor, downtrodden Jewish people had but also because they achieved something when it was thought impossible. Here’s the story.


I bite my lip as I face the man,

Pondering if maybe, I should have ran,

But they pushed us until it was forced to break,

No more of our own could they take,

A simple sound was all it took,

A shifty eye, a dirty look,

The rhythm of boots, invaders back,

That’s all it took for the façade to crack,

Safety catches now were off,

They started forward, pigs at a trough,

Weapons concealed now clutched in rage,

The empty street, a new blank page,

Written on it words of battle,

Filled with guns and flame and rattle,

Pouring out no matter of age,

Time to rattle the bars of the cage,

Attack and kill like a rabid dog,

Away from us they backward jog,

Anger fills and boils over,

But we are without four-leaf clover,

Luck runs out and I am caught,

I look and see the damage we wrought,

Joy I find in the depths of my heart,

For now we stopped the major depart,

I bite my lip and I look at his eyes,

And I see evil without its disguise,

Now I am sure that we have done right,

Because for us there is no white knight,

Finally we have made our brave stand,

And saved the others, just as we planned.


We studied Macbeth in class and I really enjoyed it but sometimes I got a little bored during class. Here’s the result.


One is pulled to Devil’s thrall,

One can, of course, resist his call,

One can hide his traitors mind,

Other one is left behind,

One ignores the call of reason,

Other hides the future treason,

One is not so solely loyal,

Other speaks of others toil,

One is drawn to distant crown,

Other can’t control his frown,

Yet Other is blind to the murderous study,

And One can see the just heart bloody.

I’ll give you a clue, there a two characters, see if you can figure out who they are and which lines each says. Good luck!

Tell Me

Tell Me

See the robin with his bright red breast,

Hear his heart beat in his chest,

Now feel your heart beat in your own,

Both are made of flesh and bone,

Tell me why you think you’re more,

Than the bird who sits by the door,

Tell me why you’ve got the right,

To remove this bird from open sight,

His blood runs hot and he breathes in air,

He lives his life and he earns his fare,

The robin stares and asks, eyes wide,

What does your heart think, deep inside?

Tell Me is another poem written to make an impact on the reader. This is, hopefully, achieved by choosing to write about a controversial subject and using comparisons that a closer to home than most people wish to think about. It’s also quite thought-provoking as the last couplet is a rhetorical question which obviously has the same effect as a cliffhanger right at the end of a story.

The imagery has been specifically chosen to be a little gory and quite “in-your-face” in order to make an impact on the reader. It’s also quite simplified in order to help the reader understand that this really is a simple problem with an obvious solution.

However, this is counteracted a little and softened by the use of rhyme, a fun concept that softens anything that’s said because it gives the impression of the poem being written perhaps by a child or someone similar which means people are less likely to object to the message but the rhyming also emphasises what’s said so it has two very useful effects.

It’s also another good way to avoid writer’s block-choose a controversial subject that you have an opinion on and write about it. Easy.

Anyway, I hope you liked it.


Another one here with two separate characters. both with different attitudes to the subject and both with very different, hopefully believable and understandable personalities. The poem is based on one man and one woman with the woman a little scared to commit. The structure’s a little different as the poem starts with the woman speaking then switches to the man for a verse and repeats with a joined couplet at the end (my favourite bit).

This is another way to sneak past writer’s block, this was inspired partly by one of my favourite books.

This is another poem which has a story behind it again. Obviously the man is asking the woman to commit and therefore they must have been seeing each other for a while but the woman’s reaction to this, in particular, suggests a depth to the character. Her hesitancy to commit suggests that something happened in the past to her that means that she now fears to be trapped in such a committment but the fact that she tries to explain to her potential partner suggests that she trusts him inexplicably and the fact that she finally agrees shows just how much she loves him.

One last thing I’ll warn you of is that for some unknown reason this blog won’t let me have more that one gap between lines so the verses aren’t shown very well here. Basically, each verse is 8 lines long which should give four verses and a couplet at the end. Sorry.


You glance at me and ask with your eyes,

Have I got an answer, because time flies,

You’ve asked me if I’ll hold your heart,

But now it’s time to say my part,

To say your valentine I will be,

What was an ask is now a plea,

But this just proves my point once more,

It’s having someone to hold you adore.

I’m asking for your love you know,

Not asking you to take a blow,

I love you; love, with all my heart,

My heart won’t beat, you hold a part,

I need you and I want you still,

Allow me my destiny to fulfil,

I know you’re scared but I am here,

Whenever you need me, I’ll be near.

You speak the truth, I do feel fear,

But it’s not of you, but for what I hear,

I hear your heart, which beats for me,

But what if I am not the key,

What if I am not what you think,

If I am not the missing link,

You’ll leave me with a broken heart,

Unable to heal as you hold a part.

I would never hurt you, no matter what,

My soul to you would never shut,

If you don’t feel my love, you’re wrong,

Because I know this feeling, and this is strong,

I could never break your heart, my love,

Such merciless pain, you’d be innocent of,

You are my destiny, my lovely dream,

The only one for me it would seem.

I asked on valentines will you be mine,

And now our destinies are intertwined.

My World

This poem’s a little bit different again to the others. This is a little bit about art, a little bit about family, a little bit of a history and a little bit about the sea. This poem, in particular, as a story behind it, kind of.

It’s actually closer to a freezeframe of someone’s life. Imagine the persona as a woman who talks to herself when she’s lonely, on top of a cliff painting-a common pastime for a woman in the regency era. Then imagine she’s on holiday with her sister, her sister’s husband and their daughter.

The woman is painting their house, the sea which is its background and you can begin to see how lonely this poor woman is-hiding in her art, desperate to claim something for her own and for a family-you can begin to understand the depth and the story behind this poem.

My World

Lines can form, like ink they flow,

Curves appear wherever they go,

Loose and free, they come from me,

As strong and bold as a honey bee,

Or clean and clear as a dragonfly’s wing,

Or beautiful as the sirens who sing,

Loosely drawn with a tranquil soul,

Now stop and place aside the coal,

Colours swept across the sky,

Green and blue for the seagull’s cry,

Purple and green and blue for the sea,

Gold for the sun, gold for she,

Now take up the coal, once more for me,

And sign your name on it for thee,

See what’s left, it’s a masterpiece,

A painting of the home of your sister, your niece,

Now close your eyes and hear the tide,

Entranced, the weeds sway side-to-side,

Open your eyes and see your world,

The one with the lines and colours swirled,

Feel in your heart what you have made,

The deepest joy that’ll never fade.

This poem is also meant to give you a general look at how a few women during this time were tired of being dependant and fought desperately for just a little independence (in this case-her art). It’s been written to suggest that independence is and always has been unbelievably important.

My World has also been written in a way that you can create your own ending for the story. For example, perhaps the woman retreats back to the house and plays with her niece, hugs her sister… or perhaps there is a different ending…

It’s up to you to decide how to interpret this poem and there are infinite ways in which to do  so and that is what makes this poem just a little bit different.

Open Your Eyes

This is another one written by me and it’s a little different. It was inspired by a poem called “What were they like? by Denise Levertov and by all those adverts that show the slums in different countries.

This poem makes more of a relevant point for these particular times.

There are two characters in this poem, the one speaking (obviously) and the one that is being shown the problems-Christmas Carol similarity there.

This poem is to written to make you think and hopefully make an impact. I hope I’ve achieved that…

Open your eyes

Head can droop and sleep wafts in,

Sleep among the city din,

Out of body, see the scene,

The little girl, perhaps a teen,

See empty bowl, and empty life,

The husband bury his lovely wife,

See the lack of self-esteem,

The husband on his daughter lean,

All their lives upon her now,

Her own straight back can never bow,

Her empty eyes, her spirit broken,

Any aid, a tiny token,

Look inside and see her heart,

Once was open, now torn apart,

Come away, now backing slowly,

Close your eyes, withdrawing wholly,

Open again and see your room,

Shake your head, dispel the gloom,

Just a dream, it must have been,

Try to make those sights unseen,

But look inside your soul and see,

Not all is right across the sea.

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