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Love Unrequited

The gentle swish of rocks fell slow,

An echo of sound through rocks below,

A sky blue sight with a ripple of green,

Fractured by light held in-between.


Far distant land in shadow afar,

Soon to be lit by benevolent star,

Form of land shaped by the light,

Joined by shadows given by night.


Musing thoughts meander through,

The misty touch of broken blue,

A caress unbroken by turning head,

Nor wisps of floating, fiery red.


A grip unknown held tight and fast,

Through life so long, future, past,

Caress or crush is same of old,

A story of life both bright and bold.


Distance felt across sea and soul,

Wishng desperate to be whole,

One piece for him in days of cold,

A silent blessing, never told.


A step away from the hanging edge,

Away from the pull of a lover’s pledge,

Within the trees, full of past emotion,

A memory of past devotion.


For alone with summers past again,

Leaves now gold for winter yen,

Amidst the leaves of Lover’s Knot,

The gentle touch of a forget-me-not.



Is Love All We Need?

Love is all we need

An empty heart, I’ve left it all,
It’s time to go, to stand up tall,
No more tears, I’ve used too many,
Empty thoughts, not worth a penny,
Face the door, I have to leave,
No longer am I so naïve,
Must turn my back and grit my teeth,
Feel the ground underneath,
But dare not place a foot too far,
What if this will leave a scar?
Which is better, stay or go?
Won’t leave you at an all-time low,
I want you happy, loved and free,
Not desperate as a honey bee,
If I stay, would it be best?
Or would it be another test?
I love you so I let you go?
God, I love you more than you could know,

But if love is all we need to live,
Why is it we must forgive?
If love is all we need to thrive,
Why was it we could just survive?
If love is all we need to stay,
Why do we have the urge to stray?
If love is all we need to own,
Why do I feel so all alone?

This was inspired by all those films where one of the partners ups and leaves. This is an attempt to show their point of view rather than the view of the partner left behind.
I just fancied writing something a little different. Enjoy.



I am what you see, yet I am not,

I am a true lover’s knot,

I am that, which you wish to be,

I am the clam of the willow tree,

I am the frost in the hovering wind,

I am the one, who never has sinned,

I am the dew on the leaves in the morning,

I am the grief of black clothed mourning,

I am the anger before it’s withdrawn,

I am the beauty and violence of dawn,

I am the voice who whispers to you,

I am the one who is far out of view,

I have talked and now you must try,

To tell me just now, just who am I?

We were looking at riddles in school and I was interested in the ones that used a lot of lovely metaphors and descriptive words and everyday things to describe big general ideas.

The answer to this riddle could be various things, it could be God, it could be love, it could be the world. Personally, I don’t have a clue but maybe you do. Anyway, enjoy.


This poem was again inspired by the way men often treated women during the Regency Era. However, this is also inspired by all those modern heroines whose motto is “don’t get mad-get even!”

Cold creeps in, stops the beat,
Stop the heart, stop the heat,
A skip in the rhythm, empty space,
Nothing left to fill the place,
Keep looking forward, eyes up high,
Yet burn a hole in the open sky,
Jealously, anger, green-eyed hate,
I leave you here, to your empty fate,
Walk on past, ignore the taunt,
It’s him, my vengeful ghost will haunt,
If I go down, you’re coming too,
Melting in a witches brew,
Your cold, hard heart may tease me still,
But I know how to melt the chill,
My heart is broken, eyes are blank,
For this new-found spirit, you I thank,
For if you had not hurt me so,
I would still be the one you know,
But now I’m better, faster, stronger,
And I am weak for no longer.

This story is about a player (a rake during the Regency Era) who caused a woman to fall in love with him. He left her but upon realising that she loved him he taunts her, flaunting his new girl at every opportunity and so on.

However, this is written from the girl’s point of view. This is story is showing how her love to turns to hate and how she becomes both hateful and vengeful in the rebound from a broken heart. It’s a story about how she turns herself from someone who would have been hurt by her former suitor’s taunts to one who simply plans to bring him down!

Something I bet we can all relate to. Enjoy.

Have I Lost You?

This was inspired by the Haiti earthquake. Thinking about all those people who have lost loved ones and all they want is those loved ones back.

Have I lost you?

If I close my eyes, will I see you there?

If I close my eyes, will the world be fair?

If I close my eyes, will you be home again?

If I close my eyes, will you be home right then?

If I close my eyes, will you be with me once more?

If I close my eyes, will you be just like before?

If I close my eyes, will I hear your voice?

If I close my eyes, will you be here by choice?

But when I open my eyes, I’ll once more be alone,

When I open my eyes, I’ll still have to atone,

When I open my eyes, I’ll have lost you again,

When I open my eyes, you’ll take flight like a wren.

Yet I feel you here, inside of my heart,

Yet I feel you here, so please don’t depart,

Yet I feel you here, my eyes may be closed,

Yet I feel you here, my soul is exposed.

Each verse is four lines long which means this poem has four verses and a title.


In RE we were studying Judaism and the Holocaust. Through it we were told the story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. I liked the story as it showed the amount of courage these poor, downtrodden Jewish people had but also because they achieved something when it was thought impossible. Here’s the story.


I bite my lip as I face the man,

Pondering if maybe, I should have ran,

But they pushed us until it was forced to break,

No more of our own could they take,

A simple sound was all it took,

A shifty eye, a dirty look,

The rhythm of boots, invaders back,

That’s all it took for the façade to crack,

Safety catches now were off,

They started forward, pigs at a trough,

Weapons concealed now clutched in rage,

The empty street, a new blank page,

Written on it words of battle,

Filled with guns and flame and rattle,

Pouring out no matter of age,

Time to rattle the bars of the cage,

Attack and kill like a rabid dog,

Away from us they backward jog,

Anger fills and boils over,

But we are without four-leaf clover,

Luck runs out and I am caught,

I look and see the damage we wrought,

Joy I find in the depths of my heart,

For now we stopped the major depart,

I bite my lip and I look at his eyes,

And I see evil without its disguise,

Now I am sure that we have done right,

Because for us there is no white knight,

Finally we have made our brave stand,

And saved the others, just as we planned.

A Magpie Flies with a Broken Wing

A magpie flies with a broken wing

A magpie flies with a broken wing,

So prepared for the New Year spring,

But blizzards blow and the bird can’t fly,

She closes her eyes and starts to cry,

Caw, caw the sound throbs through,

Her partner calls and her fledglings too,

But still the snowflakes have not slowed,

The magpie stalled with her precious load,

Feathers ruffle and the bird takes flight,

The only black in a white-filled night,

Close she is to her goal when pain,

What love must the magpie’s heart contain?

For the magpie knows of her partners cloy,

But it’s one for sorrow and two for joy.

This poem was inspired by Robert Frost’s poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”. Hopefully this poem is similar- simplicity on the surface but with a far deeper meaning underneath.

This is another handy way to beat writer’s block, be inspired by someone else.

If you want a hint-look at the last line in partcular. Enjoy.

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