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Have I Lost You?

This was inspired by the Haiti earthquake. Thinking about all those people who have lost loved ones and all they want is those loved ones back.

Have I lost you?

If I close my eyes, will I see you there?

If I close my eyes, will the world be fair?

If I close my eyes, will you be home again?

If I close my eyes, will you be home right then?

If I close my eyes, will you be with me once more?

If I close my eyes, will you be just like before?

If I close my eyes, will I hear your voice?

If I close my eyes, will you be here by choice?

But when I open my eyes, I’ll once more be alone,

When I open my eyes, I’ll still have to atone,

When I open my eyes, I’ll have lost you again,

When I open my eyes, you’ll take flight like a wren.

Yet I feel you here, inside of my heart,

Yet I feel you here, so please don’t depart,

Yet I feel you here, my eyes may be closed,

Yet I feel you here, my soul is exposed.

Each verse is four lines long which means this poem has four verses and a title.

Deadly Desire

This poem was inspired by another poem called The Laboratory by Robert Browning. I tried to keep to the same time period that he did but I set the poem in a slightly different setting. I chose a masquerade ball because many people say and think things they ordinarily wouldn’t when they can’t be identified. So obviously emotions such as jealousy and hatred can become more obvious and prominent when your face is covered by a mask than when it is not.

This setting also shows why the persona is so vicious and furious, she’s held everything back and bottled everything up and now…she’s exploded. Enjoy.

One more thing to note is that as I’ve said before the computer won’t allow me to show you the verses in these things. So I’ll tell you that this poem has two verses, each 14 lines long. Sorry.

Deadly Desire

A glittering mask glimmers there,

Those teary eyes affix their stare,

For I am the one who poisoned his heart,

I am the one who pulled them apart,

If I can’t have him, no-one can,

Shouldn’t have pressed her lips to he fan,

I can but hide from the darkest glare,

Can naught but forget this whole affair,

She should never have stolen his soul,

Should never have tried to take control,

I was the one he loved and he held,

She chose the one she shouldn’t have spelled,

Now I will meet them in fiery Hell,

But now I feel no spirit compel.

Bloody heart is forged of ice,

Dare not ask the sinful price,

Must be ruthless in my pain,

To acquire that I wish to gain,

I want his heart, I want her soul,

Heart must be as dark as coal,

Must not let her tears to sway me,

Must give justice just as fairly,

My knife is bloody just for her,

Beneath the blood the edge is grim,

Stab the heart and she won’t be back,

As my soul is dark ebony black,

His love or death is all I require,

For he is the only one I desire.


Another one here with two separate characters. both with different attitudes to the subject and both with very different, hopefully believable and understandable personalities. The poem is based on one man and one woman with the woman a little scared to commit. The structure’s a little different as the poem starts with the woman speaking then switches to the man for a verse and repeats with a joined couplet at the end (my favourite bit).

This is another way to sneak past writer’s block, this was inspired partly by one of my favourite books.

This is another poem which has a story behind it again. Obviously the man is asking the woman to commit and therefore they must have been seeing each other for a while but the woman’s reaction to this, in particular, suggests a depth to the character. Her hesitancy to commit suggests that something happened in the past to her that means that she now fears to be trapped in such a committment but the fact that she tries to explain to her potential partner suggests that she trusts him inexplicably and the fact that she finally agrees shows just how much she loves him.

One last thing I’ll warn you of is that for some unknown reason this blog won’t let me have more that one gap between lines so the verses aren’t shown very well here. Basically, each verse is 8 lines long which should give four verses and a couplet at the end. Sorry.


You glance at me and ask with your eyes,

Have I got an answer, because time flies,

You’ve asked me if I’ll hold your heart,

But now it’s time to say my part,

To say your valentine I will be,

What was an ask is now a plea,

But this just proves my point once more,

It’s having someone to hold you adore.

I’m asking for your love you know,

Not asking you to take a blow,

I love you; love, with all my heart,

My heart won’t beat, you hold a part,

I need you and I want you still,

Allow me my destiny to fulfil,

I know you’re scared but I am here,

Whenever you need me, I’ll be near.

You speak the truth, I do feel fear,

But it’s not of you, but for what I hear,

I hear your heart, which beats for me,

But what if I am not the key,

What if I am not what you think,

If I am not the missing link,

You’ll leave me with a broken heart,

Unable to heal as you hold a part.

I would never hurt you, no matter what,

My soul to you would never shut,

If you don’t feel my love, you’re wrong,

Because I know this feeling, and this is strong,

I could never break your heart, my love,

Such merciless pain, you’d be innocent of,

You are my destiny, my lovely dream,

The only one for me it would seem.

I asked on valentines will you be mine,

And now our destinies are intertwined.


This wasn’t written with a particular subject in mind. I started and got stuck after around 2 lines so I left it only for a couple of months. When I finally came back to it I finished it in under an hour!

This particular poem is a little dreamy, the persona quite devoted to their loved one but still quite young-in my mind, it’s up for interpretation.

My favourite two lines are the last two and the third couplet. I haven’t a clue why…

Anyway, here it is.


I look at you and see my past,

I realise the way the die were cast,

You were part of the path I’d take,

One of the choices I was to make,

The future may not be set in stone,

But a faint impression that we must hone,

I see your face among the runes,

An oasis among the sandy dunes.

You captured my heart, my soul and my mind,

You have brought colour here to the blind,

My heart can know that you are my own,

And all I can hear is your musical tone,

But you must realise that you are my all,

Without you everything I am would fall,

I look at you and see all the days,

I watch your face, blinded by rays.

I look at you and I know what I see,

But I wonder what you see, when you look at me.

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