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Open Your Eyes

This is another one written by me and it’s a little different. It was inspired by a poem called “What were they like? by Denise Levertov and by all those adverts that show the slums in different countries.

This poem makes more of a relevant point for these particular times.

There are two characters in this poem, the one speaking (obviously) and the one that is being shown the problems-Christmas Carol similarity there.

This poem is to written to make you think and hopefully make an impact. I hope I’ve achieved that…

Open your eyes

Head can droop and sleep wafts in,

Sleep among the city din,

Out of body, see the scene,

The little girl, perhaps a teen,

See empty bowl, and empty life,

The husband bury his lovely wife,

See the lack of self-esteem,

The husband on his daughter lean,

All their lives upon her now,

Her own straight back can never bow,

Her empty eyes, her spirit broken,

Any aid, a tiny token,

Look inside and see her heart,

Once was open, now torn apart,

Come away, now backing slowly,

Close your eyes, withdrawing wholly,

Open again and see your room,

Shake your head, dispel the gloom,

Just a dream, it must have been,

Try to make those sights unseen,

But look inside your soul and see,

Not all is right across the sea.

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