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Love Unrequited

The gentle swish of rocks fell slow,

An echo of sound through rocks below,

A sky blue sight with a ripple of green,

Fractured by light held in-between.


Far distant land in shadow afar,

Soon to be lit by benevolent star,

Form of land shaped by the light,

Joined by shadows given by night.


Musing thoughts meander through,

The misty touch of broken blue,

A caress unbroken by turning head,

Nor wisps of floating, fiery red.


A grip unknown held tight and fast,

Through life so long, future, past,

Caress or crush is same of old,

A story of life both bright and bold.


Distance felt across sea and soul,

Wishng desperate to be whole,

One piece for him in days of cold,

A silent blessing, never told.


A step away from the hanging edge,

Away from the pull of a lover’s pledge,

Within the trees, full of past emotion,

A memory of past devotion.


For alone with summers past again,

Leaves now gold for winter yen,

Amidst the leaves of Lover’s Knot,

The gentle touch of a forget-me-not.



Les yeux fermés

Les yeux fermés

Je souhaite épargner cette personne,
De plaider, pour lui demander pardon,
Pleurer sur son épaule, un enfant, pas plus,
Mon horreur et mon chagrin, c’était absolue.

Je ne peux pas échapper à cette peine,
La même tu as senti à chaque haleine,
Ils t’ont emmené pendant que je regardais,
Ma conscience, brisés et enterrés, tardait.

Puis les mots ne pouvaient pas passer,
Mon cœur dans ma gorge, prêt à briser,
Tes yeux étaient si tristes pour un si petit,
Accablés par le résultat de notre apathie.

Ses yeux étaient lourds avec ses larmes salées,
Mais leur chute, par ses paupières, était voilée,
Mais nous étions là, nous regardions, silencieux,
Dans le visage de ton sort, violent et vicieux.

Un enfant de la religion, innocent et pur,
Forcé de prendre ces coups contre le cœur,
Enfants marchaient, les mères criaient dans la nuit,
« Comme Eve, par un serpent, vous êtes séduits ! »

Je l’ai senti lors, le ramper juste là,
Sa voix parasitaire en moi et au-delà,
Un murmure sournois dans mon oreille,
Picorant les faibles comme une corneille.

Un objet de haine, une raison pour le destin,
La corde à leur cou, encore nous sommes hautains,
Ils ne sont pas la raison de la vie que nous vivons,
Ou de la haine et le désespoir que nous ressentons.

Je n’oublierai pas le cri qu’elle a donné,
La femme dont la vie a été abandonnée,
Je n’avais pas réalisé jusqu’aujourd’hui,
Comme Eve, par un serpent, nous sommes séduits !

On the subject of the German occupation of France during the second world war.


I want to save this person,

To plead, to ask his forgiveness,

To cry on his shoulder, a child, no more,

My horror and shame, it is absolute.


I can’t escape this pain,

The same you feel with every breath,

They took you while I watched,

My conscience, broken and buried, was late.


Then the words couldn’t pass,

My heart in my throat, ready to break,

Your eyes were so sad for one so small,

Overwhelmed by the result of our apathy.


Their eyes were heavy with salty tears,

But their fall from their eyes was veiled,

But we were there, we watched, silent,

In the face of your fate, violent and vicious.


A child of religion, innocent and pure,

Forced to take this blows against the heart,

Children walked, mothers cried in the night,

“Like Eve, by a snake, you are seduced.”


I felt it then, the slither just there,

His parasitic voice in me and beyond,

A sinister murmur in my ear,

Pecking at the weak like a crow.


AN object of hate, a reason for destiny,

The cord around their neck, yet we are proud,

They are not the reason for the life we live,

Or the hate the despair we feel.


I will not forget the cry that she gave,

The woman who life had abandoned,

I hadn’t realised until today,

Like Eve, by a snake, we are seduced.

You and I

You and I

Straight, tall soldiers developed hunches,
Lost all sight of old war grudges,
Why point the finger, appoint the blame,
You and I, I and You, we are the same, we are the same.

I have the rifle but do I shoot?
Do I play God and follow suit?
What part does God play in our war?
You and I, I and you, there are more, there are more.

A hell of sounds; sounds from Hell,
The noise of bullets covering the bell,
The bell of souls shall sound for he,
You and I, I and You, the bell of sounds will come for thee.

Blood flowed and mixed with all the mud,
To great deep holes the bodies lugged,
Soldier and death: who loses the duel?
You and I, I and You, time is cruel, time is cruel.

Lost in the Land of Forgot

Lost in the Land of Forgot


She wondered lost in the forest of trees,

Her face caressed by a wondering breeze,

A gentle touch, a reminder of what,

She had lost and left in the land of forgot,

A hovering call, a trail for her mind,

A twist in a root in which she was twined,

A desperate tug, a need to be free,

A twist and a turn and a heartfelt plea,

She was out the trap, alone with the tree,

With only a wish to fly and to flee,

Only a look and the absence of fear,

A moment of truth, a second, a year,

To see what had been there, longer than her,

A blink to reveal the truth, as it were,

An ancient tree, full of wisdom and words,

An ancient song, sharp and sweet as a bird’s,

For then she knew, it was not just a trap,

But a bridge to help step over the gap,

For a secret lay in the land of forgot,

A change, a twist in a tangle of plot,

For all those who enter the forest of light,

Have lost themselves as a part of the rite,

But those who walk with their face in the breeze,

Can find their memories there in the trees.



There are many kinds of cuffs and shackles used across this world,
Used on those whose wings have not had time to be unfurled,
Their wings are ripped and shackles clipped before they can say a word,
And later when they scream, it’s quiet and empty and unheard,
For no-one knows the scream of old, the sound of a broken slave,
As ignorance is bliss, and ignorance is all that they will crave,
But ignoring such injustice has a price for those in pain,
A fee in blood and sweat and tears which slowly begin to drain.

I know of what I speak for I was caught, fighting in his net,
And hope would drain away when I saw all those who abet,
But I am one of the lucky ones, to survive that brutal test,
But what of all the others, the others downtrodden and oppressed,
Will you leave them there, in the dark, alone with him just sitting there?
The others who fell afoul of his rudimentary snare.

Children with their wide eyes, bright with tears for want of love,
An emotion that their captors are so utterly void of,
Women with their hands tied tight and bleeding at their back,
Whose future is, in all the ways, a darkening pitch black,
Faced with challenges, few wins and many shattering defeats,
Many will hide, alone and afraid, beneath the dirty sheets.

For no-one comes to save them from the nightmare of their life,
From the pain of broken bones, a broken heart so full of strife,
You can rub your eyes and turn away; pretend that they aren’t there,
But ask yourself, would you, could you really dare?
You know they’re there, eyes lifeless, empty-dying without hope,
Ignore it, pretend it isn’t there and it’s a very slippery slope.

You see the shackles that bind their hands, their heart and mind,
It’s up to you to help the fences down, the wire to unwind,
For you hold in the palm of your hand, their life, their heart, their very soul,
You can play the hero, its open for you, to you that so giant role,
There are many kinds of cuffs and shackles used across this world,
Used on those whose wings have not had time to be unfurled,
Break them and let the wings unfurl, take flight and live once more,
Fight them long and hard, a lion, let them hear you roar!

Written with stopthetraffik.org in mind

The Little Christmas Tree

The Little Christmas Tree

The fallen tree lies on the ground,
It’s shaking fingers reaching all around,
Under its blanket of cold, frozen snow,
Is a crystal of ice, a tear caught in its flow.

Its poor broken limbs have been pulled from the soil,
But still its spirit and soul remain truly loyal,
It shudders as a badger cries for its den,
Creaks out a cry at the song of its wren.

Broken and beaten it lies in the cold,
Feeling lonely, abandoned and old,
In its hour of need along comes a man,
Who drags the poor tree as far as he can.

Into the warm to shake off the cold,
Making the tree feel a little more bold,
Slowly the tree is wrapped in its finest,
Praising the man as one of the kindest.

Proudly displayed for all men to see,
Is the little unfortunate cold Christmas tree.

It Came Upon the Midnight Clear

It came upon the midnight clear

It came upon the midnight clear,
That glorious song of old,
It rose up through lake and frozen mere,
And spread across the wold,
It travelled through and left a mark,
That continued through the years,
All tuned an ear and turned to hark,
The music through their fears,
Before their eyes, the moon came down,
Untouched and pure as she,
And laid a kiss upon their crown,
And let them all go free,
Then the light once more retreated,
Under the water of the mere,
An event ne’er to be repeated,
One that all man, he must revere,
It came upon the midnight clear,
That glorious song of old,
It rose up through lake and frozen mere,
And spread across the wold.

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