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Lost in the Land of Forgot

Lost in the Land of Forgot


She wondered lost in the forest of trees,

Her face caressed by a wondering breeze,

A gentle touch, a reminder of what,

She had lost and left in the land of forgot,

A hovering call, a trail for her mind,

A twist in a root in which she was twined,

A desperate tug, a need to be free,

A twist and a turn and a heartfelt plea,

She was out the trap, alone with the tree,

With only a wish to fly and to flee,

Only a look and the absence of fear,

A moment of truth, a second, a year,

To see what had been there, longer than her,

A blink to reveal the truth, as it were,

An ancient tree, full of wisdom and words,

An ancient song, sharp and sweet as a bird’s,

For then she knew, it was not just a trap,

But a bridge to help step over the gap,

For a secret lay in the land of forgot,

A change, a twist in a tangle of plot,

For all those who enter the forest of light,

Have lost themselves as a part of the rite,

But those who walk with their face in the breeze,

Can find their memories there in the trees.



I stand on the edge and feel the storm,
The rage and the wrath of nature’s form,
Eyes closed and I can feel the sting,
Of the freezing rain that cold winds bring,
The waves and thunder crash in time,
The sound of which is just sublime,
For the force and fury of a thunderstorm,
Is far from our accustomed norm,
But the flash of lightning blinds your eyes,
So you can’t see through this harsh disguise,
For in the eye of a storm one can only see,
The beauty of the powers that truly be,
Looking out you see the waters whip,
The flash of light, the cold airs nip,
Without the pain and hurt it can bring,
A storm is just a beautiful thing,
For one can shut their eyes and feel,
The altar at which we all must kneel,
For so we may all just survive,
We must remember, she’s alive,
For the powers that keep the storm so true,
Are the ones that sustain us through and through,
And if you see the storm and feel it’s kiss,
This love is something we would miss,
Though this storm is what we can’t control,
It’s a true example of the beauty we know.

A Cold Symphony

A Cold Symphony

Body shivers as the wind blows cold,

Icy fingers won’t release their hold,

Shoulders hunch and fingers go numb,

Sound of the wind through the trees is a hum,

Seed like a fairy catches your eye,

Unsure as a fledging, learning to fly,

Rustle of dry leaves is the beat of the drum,

Sure of the rhythm, they dance as they come,

Green leaves on the trees, turning red as the soon,

Autumnal leaves, a sight second to none,

The scrape of the leaves are the strings of the sound,

The melody strong as their roots in the ground,

The twitter of birds proves a tune of its own,

Yet the language they speak is a language unknown,

Clouds overhead, filled with the rain and the snow,

Battling the wind, losing blow-by-blow,

Saplings are swaying, so drunk on the song,

For now they are sure of just where they belong,

All of this nature, both melody and tune,

As strong as the sun beating down on the dune,

The music can bring both happiness and tears,

Opening the eyes and the heart of who hears.

This poem was inspired when I was sitting outside on a very cold day and all I could hear were the sounds described in the poem.

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