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His head is full of the bold, true notes,
And the lady with white fingers, on whom he dotes,
His heart is open to all nuances of sound,
And his feet are far from on the ground,
For he dreams of music: alive-with soul,
That enters his heart and makes his heart feel whole,
For a true romantic is what he be,
As you know from listening to his harmony,
So take his music to fuel your desires,
As that is everything that he requires.

A Cold Symphony

A Cold Symphony

Body shivers as the wind blows cold,

Icy fingers won’t release their hold,

Shoulders hunch and fingers go numb,

Sound of the wind through the trees is a hum,

Seed like a fairy catches your eye,

Unsure as a fledging, learning to fly,

Rustle of dry leaves is the beat of the drum,

Sure of the rhythm, they dance as they come,

Green leaves on the trees, turning red as the soon,

Autumnal leaves, a sight second to none,

The scrape of the leaves are the strings of the sound,

The melody strong as their roots in the ground,

The twitter of birds proves a tune of its own,

Yet the language they speak is a language unknown,

Clouds overhead, filled with the rain and the snow,

Battling the wind, losing blow-by-blow,

Saplings are swaying, so drunk on the song,

For now they are sure of just where they belong,

All of this nature, both melody and tune,

As strong as the sun beating down on the dune,

The music can bring both happiness and tears,

Opening the eyes and the heart of who hears.

This poem was inspired when I was sitting outside on a very cold day and all I could hear were the sounds described in the poem.

Deadly Desire

This poem was inspired by another poem called The Laboratory by Robert Browning. I tried to keep to the same time period that he did but I set the poem in a slightly different setting. I chose a masquerade ball because many people say and think things they ordinarily wouldn’t when they can’t be identified. So obviously emotions such as jealousy and hatred can become more obvious and prominent when your face is covered by a mask than when it is not.

This setting also shows why the persona is so vicious and furious, she’s held everything back and bottled everything up and now…she’s exploded. Enjoy.

One more thing to note is that as I’ve said before the computer won’t allow me to show you the verses in these things. So I’ll tell you that this poem has two verses, each 14 lines long. Sorry.

Deadly Desire

A glittering mask glimmers there,

Those teary eyes affix their stare,

For I am the one who poisoned his heart,

I am the one who pulled them apart,

If I can’t have him, no-one can,

Shouldn’t have pressed her lips to he fan,

I can but hide from the darkest glare,

Can naught but forget this whole affair,

She should never have stolen his soul,

Should never have tried to take control,

I was the one he loved and he held,

She chose the one she shouldn’t have spelled,

Now I will meet them in fiery Hell,

But now I feel no spirit compel.

Bloody heart is forged of ice,

Dare not ask the sinful price,

Must be ruthless in my pain,

To acquire that I wish to gain,

I want his heart, I want her soul,

Heart must be as dark as coal,

Must not let her tears to sway me,

Must give justice just as fairly,

My knife is bloody just for her,

Beneath the blood the edge is grim,

Stab the heart and she won’t be back,

As my soul is dark ebony black,

His love or death is all I require,

For he is the only one I desire.

Slave Music

This poem was written when we were studying the poem Limbo (by Edward Kamau Brathwaite) which explained how slaves often used music to keep up morale.

This poem is set more for those slaves who worked on plantations rather than those still being transported but the essence is similar.

There are two separate stories here, the story of one slave being uplifted from the despair of his situation and the other is the way in which all slaves were uplifted when they heard of the abolishment of slavery-music to their ears.

Slave Music

Red as roses, as fragrant too,

The blood that spills with a rusty hue,

A cut is small, the pain drowned out,

By darker pains that dare to shout,

With body battered, thought denied,

Yet soul is bare and mortified,

While fingers tremble, breathing slows,

From an open heart, music flows,

Notes that lift and float and sing,

Unaware of the hope they bring,

For gentle tunes can lift the eyes,

From the ground to gaze on highs,

Sometimes faith can bring on joy,

But music is a stronger buoy.

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