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A White Knight in a Fairy Ring

A White Knight in a Fairy Ring

Surrounded by the dark, I wait for your hand,
I wait for your love, for you to understand,
I wait for the feel of your fingers on skin,
For you to pull me out of this thing,
I’ve opened my heart to help you in,
Opened myself so I can be saved from within,
I’ve trusted you with my everything,
Don’t fall into this fairy ring,
I trust you, and it’s not an illusion,
It’s so real, it’s so not a delusion,
I know you’re there, so pull me out,
I ask for your help, I can’t live without,
I can face the darkness with you,
Standing by my side, all through.

I felt your touch, right there on my face,
I’d give anything now for a total embrace,
I’ve been waiting so long, forever it seems,
Finding you only in my fractured dreams,
I was sure you would find me, and save me tonight,
I’ve wished for it for days with all my might,
I feel your fingers clasp my hand, warm and tight,
I always knew you were my white knight,
You pull me from trouble, from the clutches of others,
But you know I want your help more than I want another’s?
We’re nearing the light, I’m holding you close,
As you for one know how to engross,
I cannot ignore you; you’re all that I need,
For you I would open my heart, I would bleed.

You entered the ring with none at your side,
But you leave it with my being always beside.

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