Close your eyes

Close your eyes

Close your eyes and feel it drain,
The hurt of the day, lost like rain,
Music enters and lifts your heart,
A burden lifted, taken apart,
Roll your shoulders, the weight is lifted,
Bring back the soul from where it’s drifted,
Relax what’s tense and feel it heal,
Look inside and see what’s real,
Heart and soul and mind are ready,
Wake your mind, nice and steady,
Heart once broken, now is whole,
Open your soul and take control,
Time it is to open your eyes,
If you don’t know, just improvise,
Listen to my voice and say,
I’m ready to face another day.


I Hear You

I Hear You

I hear your words, they burn my ears,
They sink inside, sink through years,
You stand on stage, in front of me,
Unlock my mind, you hold the key,
I close my eyes and hear the beat,
Applause of hands, stamping feet,
One speaks fast, another is slow,
No one dares to stop the flow,
Introduced, then say goodbye,
Never question, no, not I,
Speak with presence, passion, fire,
Just a teller, never liar,
Open heart and soul exposed,
Speaking songs, life composed,
Love and hate and hot and cold,
Beautiful words, written bold,
I hear your words, they burn my ears,
They sink inside, sink through years.



His heart is like a flower for me,

So like the love I feel for he,

His smiles simply change my world,

Wind for a boat with sails unfurled,

My head and my heat for once agree,

That he is the only one for me,

Only he can hear the love that flows,

Only he can accept this delicate rose.


She is a wonder of this earth,

She is the one I’d see by my hearth,

Her soul is the one that calls to my own,

I can but answer her musical tone,

Her eyes a gateway to the Great Heaven,

For her I’d commit all the sins seven,

For she is but mine and I am for her,

She is the one who can make my heat stir.

Let us lay you down

Let us lay you down

Soldiers you may lay down arms,
Leave behind your hidden qualms,
Let us lay you down to rest,
Remember you and we are blest,
Today there is a poppy found,
To show that to you we are bound,
Gone from us you cannot be,
For your hearts we still can see,
May you leave this empty space,
And know that none will take your place.

Bloodthirsty Poppies

Bloodthirsty Poppies

I stand alone and face the world,
Rage in my heart far unfurled,
Ghostly poppies dream their chance,
To pull the blood into their trance,
Scarlet heads mark bloody fields,
The sword against the poppy yields,
For every flower marks a life,
Someone’ child dead through strife,
Soldier’s soul sustains the petal,
Pretty head far worse than nettle,
Blood released upon the ground,
Red heads sway towards the sound,
Poppies are the ones so flirty,
Poppies are the most bloodthirsty.

Remembrance Day

In honour of Remembrance Dya, over the next few days I’ll post poems that a relevant to the subject. The first one follows.

You and I

Straight, tall soldiers developed hunches,
Lost all sight of old war grudges,
Why point the finger, appoint the blame,
You and I, I and You, we are the same, we are the same.

I have the rifle but do I shoot?
Do I play God and follow suit?
What part does God play in our war?
You and I, I and you, there are more, there are more.

A hell of sounds; sounds from Hell,
The noise of bullets covering the bell,
The bell of souls shall sound for he,
You and I, I and You, the bell of sounds will come for thee.

Blood flowed and mixed with all the mud,
To great deep holes the bodies lugged,
Soldier and death: who loses the duel?
You and I, I and You, time is cruel, time is cruel.

Winter Beauty

Winter Beauty

The sun may set on a winter’s day,
At night, the moon comes out to play,
The moon brings with it snowflakes white,
And fills the sky with a frozen light,
Time stands still, so frozen cold,
The world around is an alpine gold,
Enter now a cold Jack Frost,
Can you see no beauty’s lost?
The moon must leave and the sun will rise,
But now you see winter, without it’s disguise.

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