You and I

You and I

Straight, tall soldiers developed hunches,
Lost all sight of old war grudges,
Why point the finger, appoint the blame,
You and I, I and You, we are the same, we are the same.

I have the rifle but do I shoot?
Do I play God and follow suit?
What part does God play in our war?
You and I, I and you, there are more, there are more.

A hell of sounds; sounds from Hell,
The noise of bullets covering the bell,
The bell of souls shall sound for he,
You and I, I and You, the bell of sounds will come for thee.

Blood flowed and mixed with all the mud,
To great deep holes the bodies lugged,
Soldier and death: who loses the duel?
You and I, I and You, time is cruel, time is cruel.

3 responses to “You and I

  • elizena

    I agree with Aya, who I seem to be following behind. LOL!

    The imagery was beyond vivid. I could feel mud seeping into my boots and rain soaking my clothes as dead bodies were carried to graves too numerous to count. I smelled the coppery blood of other soldiers on my face and clothes and though I wanted to cry I knew I had to wait for a better time, then I thought, “What better time than now to grieve for those who’ve lost their lives in a senseless war.” You made me a part of this piece and I can truly say that not many poems do that to me.

    War doesn’t make any sense to me. You want to be seen as the stronger? Than do your best for the people in our country who put their faith and welfare in your hands. No more war.
    This made me want to cry…no, I lie, it made me cry. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Praying that the remainder of your week is blessed.

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