Lost in the Land of Forgot

Lost in the Land of Forgot


She wondered lost in the forest of trees,

Her face caressed by a wondering breeze,

A gentle touch, a reminder of what,

She had lost and left in the land of forgot,

A hovering call, a trail for her mind,

A twist in a root in which she was twined,

A desperate tug, a need to be free,

A twist and a turn and a heartfelt plea,

She was out the trap, alone with the tree,

With only a wish to fly and to flee,

Only a look and the absence of fear,

A moment of truth, a second, a year,

To see what had been there, longer than her,

A blink to reveal the truth, as it were,

An ancient tree, full of wisdom and words,

An ancient song, sharp and sweet as a bird’s,

For then she knew, it was not just a trap,

But a bridge to help step over the gap,

For a secret lay in the land of forgot,

A change, a twist in a tangle of plot,

For all those who enter the forest of light,

Have lost themselves as a part of the rite,

But those who walk with their face in the breeze,

Can find their memories there in the trees.

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