I stand on the edge and feel the storm,
The rage and the wrath of nature’s form,
Eyes closed and I can feel the sting,
Of the freezing rain that cold winds bring,
The waves and thunder crash in time,
The sound of which is just sublime,
For the force and fury of a thunderstorm,
Is far from our accustomed norm,
But the flash of lightning blinds your eyes,
So you can’t see through this harsh disguise,
For in the eye of a storm one can only see,
The beauty of the powers that truly be,
Looking out you see the waters whip,
The flash of light, the cold airs nip,
Without the pain and hurt it can bring,
A storm is just a beautiful thing,
For one can shut their eyes and feel,
The altar at which we all must kneel,
For so we may all just survive,
We must remember, she’s alive,
For the powers that keep the storm so true,
Are the ones that sustain us through and through,
And if you see the storm and feel it’s kiss,
This love is something we would miss,
Though this storm is what we can’t control,
It’s a true example of the beauty we know.


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