This wasn’t written with a particular subject in mind. I started and got stuck after around 2 lines so I left it only for a couple of months. When I finally came back to it I finished it in under an hour!

This particular poem is a little dreamy, the persona quite devoted to their loved one but still quite young-in my mind, it’s up for interpretation.

My favourite two lines are the last two and the third couplet. I haven’t a clue why…

Anyway, here it is.


I look at you and see my past,

I realise the way the die were cast,

You were part of the path I’d take,

One of the choices I was to make,

The future may not be set in stone,

But a faint impression that we must hone,

I see your face among the runes,

An oasis among the sandy dunes.

You captured my heart, my soul and my mind,

You have brought colour here to the blind,

My heart can know that you are my own,

And all I can hear is your musical tone,

But you must realise that you are my all,

Without you everything I am would fall,

I look at you and see all the days,

I watch your face, blinded by rays.

I look at you and I know what I see,

But I wonder what you see, when you look at me.


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